Fixed installations

"Our permanent installations are tailor-made for your application"

Dust control
catering industry

Fixed installations

The Erkho fixed installations are tailor-made for your application.

They are designed for various applications, including:

Dust control

Cooling down



Theme parks

The design takes into account existing processes and the environment.

Before the water is brought to high pressure, it first passes through filters.

As a result, the water is stripped of solid particles and possibly legionella.

Fixed systems can be connected to existing equipment.

Energy efficient - Our high pressure pumps consume little electricity and use water very efficiently. All systems can be fully automated, so that the system is always used to the maximum.

Temperature drops - The ambient temperature is cooled to 12 degrees. This makes atomization very interesting to cool outside and inside.

Flying insects disappear - Flies and wasps do not like atomization. This keeps the environment free of these insects. Better for humans and animals.

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