"Humidification, complete control of the humidity with fogging"


Humidity level with fogging

Complete control over the humidity!

 Fog systems play an important role when it comes to climate control.

Not only the cooling effect is used, but also the option to maintain the desired humidity level.

Automate climate control? 

By linking the system to an air humidity meter, or to an existing climate computer, this system can be fully automated.

The nozzles are adapted to the requested water requirement of the application.

Our newest generation of pumps work from the Cloud, giving you complete control remotely.

Prevent dehydration of your products! 

To prevent products from drying out, a misting installation is the perfect solution. Ideal for drying rooms, shops, cold stores and industrial applications.

Energy efficient - Our high pressure pumps consume little electricity and use water very efficiently. All systems can be fully automated, so that the system is always used to the maximum.

Temperature drops - The ambient temperature is cooled to 12 degrees. This makes atomization very interesting to cool outside and inside.

Flying insects disappear - Flies and wasps do not like atomization. This keeps the environment free of these insects. Better for humans and animals.

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