Cooling down

"Don't let heat get a grip on your work, cooling with fogging"

Cooling Stable

By cooling with misting, heat stress can be prevented.

The animals have a cool stable, which keeps the flying insects away.

The mist is also effective against fine dust.

Terrace cooling
Catering terrace cooling

During warm days your terrace is wonderfully cooled by mist.

The guests stay dry and wasps stay.

Erkho also has a collaboration with: SOONS Zonweringen Maastricht.

2nd room cooling air conditioning
Cooling air inlet

By pre-cooling the incoming air, among other things, cooling systems use energy much more efficiently.

During hot days, the air conditioning system does not have to make much effort to get the right temperature.

Atomization provides immediate energy savings and equipment has less interference.

Energy efficient - Our high pressure pumps consume little electricity and use water very efficiently. All systems can be fully automated, so that the system is always used to the maximum.

Temperature drops - The ambient temperature is cooled to 12 degrees. This makes atomization very interesting to cool outside and inside.

Flying insects disappear - Flies and wasps do not like atomization. This keeps the environment free of these insects. Better for humans and animals.

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