Ekho the specialist in high pressure water spraying

We design, install and maintain systems for various applications and organizations.

Why Erkho BV?

Own Research and Development

Does not shy away from a challenge

Design tailored to project

Fast delivery

Motofog MF40

Cool incoming air in the 2nd room.

Direct energy saving and fewer disruptions

2nd Chamber - Dutch Parliament - PreCooling

Dust control with the mobile Motofog MF40.

We have mobile systems available with a pitch of up to 110 meters.

Dust control with the Leotech MF40

Accurately and directly measure air quality with Oizom products.

Very precise measurement of particulate matter, nitrogen, gases, odors and much more.

Measuring air quality with the Oizom Odosense

"Erkho specialists in water misting with vision for processes and environment"

Cooling Stable

Fixed installations

Fogging at a fixed location?

We design and install the right system.

For various applications, including cooling, dust control and humidification.

Custom spraying

Motofog MF40 Leotech

Mobile nebulizers

Want to be flexible with misting?

We sell and rent mobile misting systems tailored to your requirements and wishes.

Mobile dust control and more.

Possibly with water tank and generator



Add additive to the mist?

We have an extensive range for (long-term) dust control, odor control.

We can adjust systems for your own additive

Oizom Dustroid

Oizom measurements

Measuring air quality?

We have Oizom AI Driven smart smart meters.

A wide range of air quality meters.

Fine dust, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Gasses etc.

BKM 300 900 900X

Erkho BKM

Improve indoor air quality?

Our BKM line removed:




Organic particles


Effectively combating dust, cooling, or wetting large surfaces. Erkho has the right solution for indoor and outdoor.


Cooling, or maintaining the humidity level? Fully automated or linked to existing climate systems.

Cattle breeding

Fighting heat stress, flying and improving animal welfare.

We have the solution for you.


Prevent your fresh products from drying out. Our fine fog keeps flying at a distance

catering industry

Your terrace is wonderfully cooled on hot days. Your guests stay dry and the wasps stay away.


Dust problems with your processes?

Together we design the best solution.

Fixed set-up or mobile.


Prevent dust nuisance?

We deliver the perfect solution. Powerful systems that can be operated remotely.


Dust control, level humidity?

We have the hardware and additives for a long dust control


Does your hardware function less in heat or use energy more efficiently?

Erkho cools the incoming air stream.

Theme parks

Customized solutions for heat control or special effects.

We have the experience and the right solution.

We deliver with pride


We are happy to contact you

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